Our goal: 1,500 sociallighthouse projects worldwide!


The thought is the work of art. Joseph Beuys

Great ART-idea + charity art campaign briefly explained: 1,500 social lighthouse projects – worldwide – for the benefit of poor and homeless people – through the power of art as a bridge builder and means of integration for a better world.

Our means: thought and artwork for 1.3 billion euro – the most valuable social work of art in the world.

The painting “Chariot” (right) shows a warrior in Roman times with a spear, armor, chariot and horse. As a symbol of how people fight each other in the world. Guns are still a billion dollar business today. For conflict and disputes instead of investing more in solving poverty and homelessness. The UN aims to defeat homelessness by 2030. The artist Manfred Dahmen is now donating his painting “Chariot” to the “1,500 social lighthouse projects” initiative run by the Art helps give e.V. The key thought: to make our world a bit more social and better through art. The starting bid for thought and artwork: 20,000 EURO.

Presentation: Plan: most valuable work of art in the world makes 1,500 social lighthouse projects possible (PDF).

Ways to make the world a more social place:

1 Donation (classic, earmarked for 1,500 lighthouses, against a donation receipt. Donation is doubled a further 16 times).
2 A-typical purchase (short-term transfer of ownership, to the next “doubler” of GEDANKENS or pays double the “purchase price” and actively seeks the next buyer (“doubler”) = “socialization of art – for everyone“.
3 The next donor or buyer has the choice between options 1. and 2.) If you have any questions, please contact info@kunst-hilft-geben.de

What do we need 1.3 billion euros for?

Richter Gerhard “Kerze”,

Compared to the huge sums that are spent on war and legal disputes worldwide, 1.3 billion euros is a low social return investment: The start for 1,500 lighthouse projects that have a positive impact on the world. A start. Make amends!

How do our thoughts and our vision become reality?

  • Through donations. Once a mega donation of 1.3 billion euros or 17 times a “doubling” of the donation / endowments or
  • By buying the artwork “chariot” (on which we have to pay taxes):
    a-typical, because the buyer / owner undertakes to look for the next “doubler” of the value himself & “pass on” the painting against a donation or temporary possession got to).

Our mission?

We as the “Art Helps Giving” association promise and guarantee :

  • All funds are used in trust, sparingly and for a specific purpose
  • Every city that would like to contribute with its own lighthouse idea and applies in writing in English is examined fairly and, after acceptance, fraternally involved
  • Donors receive a donation receipt and documentation about the use of funds
  • Our promise: We will get this life and heart task “1,500 lighthouse projects” off the ground with 1,500 partners (homeless support organizations) as a foundation “CULTOPIA – art helps give”.